Corey Stevenson

Corey Stevenson

Senior Vice President, Clients & Delivery

As Cognosante’s Senior Vice President, Clients and Delivery, Corey Stevenson leads company operations, IT projects, strategy development, client engagement, and program execution to ensure the successful implementation of key programs in support of Cognosante’s Health Data and Communications (HDC) business unit. Goals are addressed through effective client communication, problem management, proactive planning, hiring and staffing, as well as ensuring the delivery of quality IT products and services.

Before joining Cognosante as HDC Vice President of Operations in June 2015, Corey spent 17 years with the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) in leadership positions implementing legislative mandates and CMS priorities, including the Health Insurance Marketplace, Medicare Contracting Reform, Medicare Prescription Drug Program, and HITECH.

Corey’s expertise includes IT operations management, budget and contract oversight, and IT governance. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance from Morgan State University and a Master of Science degree in Information Systems and Technology from Johns Hopkins University.

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